Traditional products

It is worth tasting the cheese products of the island, the feta cheese, the kopanisti and the crumbs. The grated cheese is the cheese from which the 'sfougata' are made. taverns of the island. Other products are sausages and nuts and of course we should not forget the thermal honey which has a very high content of thyme and is considered one of the best in the world! The sweets of the spoon as well as the pasteli, a sweet that you serve especially at the thermal weddings, you will find it on the street after Dryopida, in the area of ​​Perdikari there is the tasteful shop 'stazi meli' by Baptisti Philipa.
Thermioti pies from the traditional cafe of 'Stamatis', in Chora! in its sweet version, with unsalted cheese, crumbs, sugar and dill and a characteristic round shape. In its salty version, white fresh cheese is made with 'sour'.
The koukoulopita is filled with grated cheese, dill and spring onion and is a sample of simple, delicious, creative cooking. The pitaro is a small pie with a crescent shape, based again on the crumb.
Pies and "kolopia" (spinach pie) are also flavors of the island's tradition. Try the delicious kolopi, covered pie with spinach, rice, dill and onion. It is simple, fresh and fragrant.
The taraxta, the strapatsada of Kythnos, are made with eggs, tomato, zucchini and potato, the plain egg tomato and grated cheese.
In the beautiful Chora of Kythnos and its picturesque alleys you will find the unique Traditional Pottery Workshop of Giorgos Georgoulis awarded by UNESCO.