H New Municipal Authority of Kythnos suggests - visitors and locals alike - a combination of quality summer vacation with entertainment. Concerts with important artists, lectures on topical issues, Vespers in the beautiful churches of Kythnos, readings, theater by the local theater group, traditional music by local musicians compose the program of Festival, which spreads from one end of the island to the other . This is a meeting of local artists with renowned artists and the local community with the visitors of Kythnos who primarily seek an alternative type of holiday.
Customs of the "marriage" to Chora Dryopida special interest. Marriage is an event of joy for the villagers, relatives and strangers. All help in the preparations and have fun by giving their best wishes to the new couple. In a traditional wedding on the island invitations are unnecessary because everyone is invited!

Festivals and dances
Feast Kythnos means first churchgoing and then feast. It is worth to note the way in which dance "hit" the old Kythniotes -and municipalities of Dryopidas- the "dance of Sylakka". The movements are graceful, in full coordination with the melody of organs. The "festival" is one of the major events of life of residents of Kythnos.
Small or large festivals give rise to Thermiotes to exercise their religious duties, but also to trigger multi-day celebrations, which start from the evening of the previous day, hold all night and continue the next day. People are amused by the "zies", a combination of local musicians violin and lute, forming a full orchestra.
The famous "Thermiotikos Balos" is famous and much has been written about the dancing skills of the inhabitants of Kythnos. Manolis Glezos notes: "All the islanders swirling in the maelstrom of dance, intoxicated by the spirits of life. They know how to express with dance moves their feelings. That's why all of them are excellent dancers. But In my own subjective assessment, first among the first, come the inhabitants of Kythnos ".
The Pentecost (Holy Trinity of Hora) moveable feast 50 days after the Resurrection
-Of Holy Apostles (June 29 to Dryopida)
-The August 15 (Virgin Mary of Nikous, Virgin Mary the Stratolatissa and Virgin Mary of Kanala)
-The Zoodochos Pigi (Life Giving Source) (September 8 to Our Lady of Flampouriani)
-The Akindinon Saints (November 2 in Merichas)
On Carnival Sunday Hora Kythnos "welcomes" the "Lazanis" which is the Carnival King of Kythnos, while Dryopida the Carnival is celebrated with a feast full of mirth.
Very interesting is the custom of "Fotari" of St. Theodore, where young men and women of the village lit big fire and pass over, to be robust and healthy.

Quadragesima The first Sunday of Great Lent is celebrated with special color in Dryopida. After churchgoing believers follow orbits images in the streets, while many homes are illuminated and opened to offer treats to those who participate in processions.