Kithnos is in the western Cyclades located between Serifos and Kea. The island is also known by its residents as Thermia with its roots in the 12th century. This name relates to the natural hot springs that are in the area of Agia Irini and Loutra.
Most visitors come to the island for its splendid sandy beaches as Ai Sostis, Kastelas, Sarantos, Kolona and the isolated beaches of Agios Ioannis and Kolona.
Hora and Driopida are the two main villages with three main coastal settlements, the Merihas harbour, Loutra with its natural hot springs and Panagia Kanala with its homonym church, there some smaller settlements as Agios Dimitrios, Episkopi, Kalo Livadi etc.
In north-west of Hora is one of the oldest energy parks in Greece, with five wind generators. No to be missed are: the 17th century church of Agios Savva, Panagia Kanala with the miraculous picture of Virgin Mary, Merihas harbour and picturesque Driopida.
Merichas the port of the island has each kind of facilities for tourists’ accommodation, apartments, studios, & entertainment, such as a great amount of hotels & rooms to let, many scenic taverns, restaurants, bars, coffee shops in order to ensure & guarantee the best of time during summer holidays. Sunset here, especially from Markos’s bluff may be the most beautiful in Cyclades.
And of course you must try the delicious traditional products of Kythnos like sfougata (croquettes from cheese thermiotiko) kolopia (pie with vegetables) Chick peas in a pot the trimmings cheese delicious in salads, macaroons, pastels by lovely honey of the island and spoon sweets(fruit preserves)



Kythnos helped in "Cycladic culture", as it was the main supplier of copper, base metal for the manufacture of all kinds of tools, pottery and jewelery. Excavations at Cape Tzoulis unearthed parts of mining mine. Very close to Skouries were able kilns, supplying the processed ore. Groundwater, known since antiquity for its healing properties, released here in Loutra through sources. Rich in salts, iodine, iron and sulfur as well known for their high absorption capacity, is therapeutic for many conditions, while the sources have been configured appropriate facilities and bathtubs.



Kythnos is a nearby holiday destination for summer and not only since it is located a stone's throw from Athens you can become a little oasis of culture and entertainment for all who visit it. This is the objective of the Municipality of Kithnos.
New Municipal Authority of Kythnos, offers its visitors and locals alike a combination of qualitative summer holiday with entertainment. Concerts with important artists, lectures on topical issues, Vespers in the beautiful churches of Kythnos, readings, theater by the local theater group, traditional music by local musicians compose the program of Festival, which spreads from one end of the island to the other. This is a meeting of local artists with renowned artists and the local community with the visitors of Kithnos who primarily seek an alternative type of holiday.



Kythnos is a small Cycladic island with beautiful beaches and the most beautiful and picturesque Hora. Hora in Kithnos stands tall with its white house’s stand out. Photos of sights of Kythnos. The contact of visitors to the island will start from the port of Merichas, which today is the main port to serve traffic island. Despite the many tourists, the beautiful bay welcoming Mericha remains beautiful with clear waters, suitable for fishing and even for swimming.


About Kythnos

The whole island has everything the visitor facilities for accommodation, rest and entertainment. Wedding on Kythnos, for honeymoon, for lovers of hiking the traditional trails. The island also has a heliport . The island has around beaches. The most exotic is the Colona, where a small strip of land connects Kythnos with the island of St. Luke. A large number of hostels and rented rooms, several taverns, restaurants, bars, cafes and everything wants the modern visitor is here to ensure the maximum enjoyment in Time of summer vacation. The sunset here, especially from Mark's Cape is probably the most beautiful in the Cyclades. Scenic spot in Chora is Messaria square with cafes, ouzeri and the church.

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